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Diagram Illustration of Functionalities

The image on the right is an illustration of the main functionalities that are included in our Education study and revision software.

The user is able to:

-Use Flash Cards for Revision (Image or Text)

-Answer Multiple Choice Questionnaire

-Track Daily, Weekly and Monthly Progression (Chart & Graphs)

-Adapts to Users preferred study Preference (Auditory, Visual & Kinaesthetic)

-Perform auditory Tests (Sound Recognition)

Diagram Illustration of Functionalities Continued

The screenshot one the right is a mock-up design of our software home page.

New users will be able to  Sign Up

Old users will be able to Login

Others can as well use the software as a Guest

Other Potential Features

  • uMobile version of the software
  • uWeb application for the software
  • uReal time content update
  • uCollaboration with other users –including content sharing

Prototype - Application