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Examination study and revision applications are no longer new in the market, quite a lot of them have been in the market for more than 3 years. Some of these software and application have been developed to be in line with the school curriculum and for different age brackets, most focus on the children and those preparing for GCSE –ed place is a good example. Many others just have random questions in different subjects uploaded on the applications without any form of regulation.

As mentioned earlier, Ed place is one of the major studies and revision application in the market. The software lets users (people of different age brackets) create an account and then assigns tasks or practice to them based on their age brackets. Users of the application can track their progress on the application. One interesting thing is that they have both the mobile and web application version of this software.

Although, we have Ed place and other rival application in the market, these applications do mostly focus only on students alone forgetting that a user can be studying and taking professional exams even as a student. With our target customers as both students, professionals as well as teachers, ION Examination Study and revision fill this gap in the market space.


The ION Educational Study and Revision software will be designed with student in mind. Our primary customers or users will include students in the universities, colleges, and high schools who will find this software very useful for studying and revising as a preparation for examination in different subjects -especially those with some form of disabilities as they have alternative study preferences.

Another set of customers are the teachers who will find the software useful in getting insights for preparing questions for their students. Additionally, they can use the software to study and revise in their domains which is essential for their career progression.

With the unique software feature that allows users download questions from any field or subject, professionals such as Network engineers, project managers, cyber security experts, Business Analysts and so on are considered customers for our solution. The software lets these professionals take practice quiz to prepare for their examinations.